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  • Up for just about anything


  • Hardtail E-Bike

    Up for just about anything

    A hardtail is the perfect bike for trips on gravel roads, forest paths and simple trails. Equipped with a spring fork at the front and a rigid rear part, it is practically the prototype of a mountain bike. The rigid rear triangle facilitates the direct transmission of power for more speed on level ground. Even going uphill is a breeze with a hardtail.

    Powered by high-performance Yamaha motors, our hardtail e-bikes then even activate the turbocharger. The drive systems also ensure that you always get exactly the support you need to effortlessly tackle longer trips and steep climbs. So if you are looking for a reliable mountain bike that is up for anything but are not prepared to sacrifice speed, our hardtail e-bikes are just the thing for you. 

    Endless fun

    For even more manoeuvrability on narrow trails, we have adapted a weight-optimised aluminium frame platform for our HardRays. The platform is designed for 29-inch or 27.5-inch wheels, depending on whether you prefer more of a smooth or lively ride on your tours. The HardRay E 7.0 features a 120-mm suspension fork from RockShox combined with high-quality gear and brake components from SRAM to ensure that you have all the reliability you need. There are also several cool colour options to choose from. After all, you also want to look good when riding. 

    In our top model, the HardRay E 7.0, the brand-new PW-X3 motor from Yamaha provides optimal propulsion. The PW-X3 is lighter and smaller than its predecessor, has a higher torque of 85 Nm and offers pure riding enjoyment on any terrain. The compact dimensions fit seamlessly into the frame geometry and ensure more ground clearance. The Automatic Assistance Mode, developed exclusively for the PW-X3, provides you with optimally dosed additional power in any situation. It holds back on level roads and gives it everything on steep climbs – sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Riders can choose from Eco, Standard and High Performance mode with a total of five finely tuned assistance modes: EXPW, HIGH, STD, ECO and +ECO. Whether on narrow turns and hairpin bends, or fast and twisty descents, with the PW-X3, riding enjoyment comes as standard. And the powerful 630-Wh Simplo battery integrated into the down tube of the HardRay E 7.0 ensures that the enjoyment never ends.

    Get the best advice – from a local dealer

    Are you inspired and want to start pedalling right away? Then find a dealer near you and arrange a test ride right away. Your dealer will also be able to advise you on the right frame size and seating position, and give you tips on the right equipment. It is also important to know how you intend using your new bike: For long trips or steep ascents? Cross-country or in the city? For work or pleasure? Get advice, have a test ride and then enjoy your new R Raymon. Are you looking for a suitable R Raymon for your kids? Then your dealer is also the right person to contact. Your dealer can explain the differences between the models and show you the options available.