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  • The perfect compromise on two wheels


  • Trekking Bike

    The perfect compromise on two wheels

    Do you like getting more than you bargained for? Do you want something that’s suitable for everyday use, but also has a sporty edge? Then our trekking bikes are right up your street. They are just as great for the daily commute as they are for much longer rides, and they come under the category of bikes that not only focus on performance and functionality, but also on comfort and design.

    You can choose between three frame types for our trekking models: the Gent – a classic man’s frame, the Lady – a lady’s frame, and the Wave, with its especially low entry point. To make your decision a bit easier, here are the advantages of each of the three frame types on offer:


    A classic man’s frame, the Gent boasts outstanding stability and torsional stiffness. It is ideal for those who enjoy a sportier riding style. Its top tube slopes slightly towards the back, which provides excellent ergonomics without compromising on sportiness or ride dynamics. It has an upright seating position, which is especially good for taking pressure off the neck and the neck vertebrae.


    The Lady is what’s known as a trapeze frame. Unlike the man’s frame, the top tube is tilted significantly towards the saddle, giving a lower entry point for easier mounting and dismounting. The Lady is the ideal combination of comfort, sportiness and stability. That’s because the triangle between the top tube, down tube and seat tube gives the frame its excellent structural properties. The straight seating position is very comfortable, meaning this frame type is also ideal for riding in cities. And although its name may suggest otherwise, the Lady is a unisex frame and ideal for older riders, women wearing skirts or men in business trousers who don’t want to have to swing their leg over the saddle and rear wheel every time they dismount.


    With a curved, wave-like shape, the Wave frame makes mounting and dismounting especially safe and easy. Thanks to the raised head tube, this frame also offers an upright seating position that is easy on the neck and gives you a sense of stability while riding.

    Get the best advice – from a local dealer

    Are you inspired and want to start pedalling right away? Then find a dealer near you and arrange a test ride right away. Your dealer will also be able to advise you on the right frame size and seating position, and give you tips on the right equipment. It is also important to know how you intend using your new bike: For long trips or steep ascents? Cross-country or in the city? For work or pleasure? Get advice, have a test ride and then enjoy your new R Raymon. Are you looking for a suitable R Raymon for your kids? Then your dealer is also the right person to contact. Your dealer can explain the differences between the models and show you the options available.