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  • E-MTB Light

    Stop compromising once and for all

    How does the eMTB turn the joy of cycling up to 11? With more power? Perhaps. With a bigger range? Oh, definitely. But the real key lies in greater agility and a more conventional riding style that allows you to rediscover your own power. And it simply gives you a more thrilling ride because every part of it is the pure, distilled essence of what a bike is meant to be.

    Weighing in at a mere 19.4 kg, the AirRay 12.0 truly is a lightweight bike. It's as light as a feather thanks to its carbon frame, which comes in at just 2.8 kg, and the AIR DRIVE powered by Yamaha, a motor that has been custom developed for our E-MTB Light bikes. This weighs only 2.9 kg and provides support with a mighty 50 Nm. Because the AirRay weighs so little, it offers agile handling while still providing good traction on trails, offering an entirely new riding experience. With 150 mm travel at the front and the rear, the 29” bike makes trails all the more fun and gives you the comfort you need on treks.


    And our AirRay 12.0 isn't just super light and agile, it's also super stunning – according to the jury at the 2022 German Design Awards. 


    Light motor, smart dashboard

    With the AIR DRIVE powered by Yamaha, which has been specially developed for our E-MTB Light bikes, we made a conscious decision to reject the trend to go bigger and heavier with batteries. The AirRay E 12.0 features an AIR DRIVE combined with a compact, lightweight 410 Wh battery that can be easily charged off the bike. The maximum torque has been reduced to 50 Nm to give you a more natural-feeling ride, and specially adapted software gives you support, especially when you're out on treks.

    If you want, AIR DRIVE can handle the assistance mode changes for you so you don't have to think about anything else but your route and your surroundings on off-road trails. Whether you want a bigger boost for acceleration or more power for big climbs, the Automatic Support mode uses a sensor to choose the right assistance mode in real time.


    Yamaha's new Interface X-Cockpit is part of the AIR DRIVE system and features a minimalist thumb controller and a super compact, stem-mounted LED display that shows information about the battery and your selected assistance level. You can also attach Sigma, Garmin or Echowell displays to the handlebars and hook them up to the unit using Bluetooth or ANT+ to receive more data. You can also connect your smartphone to the Interface X-Cockpit so you can use it as a satnav. 

    Get the best advice – from a local dealer

    Are you inspired and want to start pedalling right away? Then find a dealer near you and arrange a test ride right away. Your dealer will also be able to advise you on the right frame size and seating position, and give you tips on the right equipment. It is also important to know how you intend using your new bike: For long trips or steep ascents? Cross-country or in the city? For work or pleasure? Get advice, have a test ride and then enjoy your new R Raymon. Are you looking for a suitable R Raymon for your kids? Then your dealer is also the right person to contact. Your dealer can explain the differences between the models and show you the options available.