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    For beginners and pros.


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    Challenge the biker on every ride.


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    Versatile on any terrain.

    All Mountain

  • Korbi X Fischi

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    Modern. Urban. Cosmopolitan.

    City & Urban

  • r raymon trekking e-bike


    r raymon hardtail bike


    R Raymon

    We are driven by curiosity. We love to explore the great outdoors, feel the air on our face and take on the unyielding mountain terrain.
    And we love to learn from our adventures. For everyday life, for the road or just for fun. And most importantly: for you.

    Every R Raymon bike is the result of our concen­trated experience and our enthusiasm for two­-wheeled mobility.
    We have dispensed with anything superfluous and concentrated on the essentials.

    So that every single ride becomes an experience. Here. And now.

    Ride here. Ride now.


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    Rookie off-road fun

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    As a solid off-roader, our HardRay Nine 4.0 easily tackles obstacles and rough terrain. For that the German magazine Radfahren (02/2021) gave our hardtail a score of 1.9.

    Tourer with experience

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    The German magazine Radfahren (02/2021) has put our TourRay 4.0 to the test! In the category for trekking bikes under €1000, our TourRay 4.0 achieved the grade of ‘Very Good’.