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Courage, bravery, humour & a hint of madness - our first year with Johannes Fischbach

"As far back as I can remember, I sit on bikes of all kinds, always trying to explore the limits of what is possible," predicted Fischi when he started as the new brand ambassador for R Raymon in February. And he didn't promise too much: A year full of bike adventures with thrilling downhill races, daring world record jumps and hard crashes lies behind us.

Right at the first ride on his R Raymon, a stray dog gets in the way of Fischi in the streets of Chile: The evasive manoeuvre ends first in a favela hut and then in hospital. Many stitches later Johannes Fischbach competes and finishes 3rd in the legendary Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo Urban City Downhill race. "That's exactly what I needed! Now it's really about to start" Fischi confirms the restart after a serious and exhausting injury break.

Also in the iXS Downhill Cup and in the iXS Europa Cup the R Raymon Racer proves with several podiums that he has not forgotten anything in the meantime. Paired with a big portion of humour Fischi leads his followers on the downhill tracks of the world and entertains the community with his training odysseys at the first race of the World E-Bike Series in Monaco.

At the latest, Fischi's Uncle RAY, who really gets rid of the e-bike clichés, makes it clear how much humour and self-irony there is in him. With his R Raymon E-Seventrailray LTD 2.0 the overweight senior jumps over impossible gaps and doesn't even stop at the backflip. Sure - after all, e-bikes are only for older, well-bodied people without fitness and any desire for riding fun.

But Fischi wouldn't be Fischi if it weren't for his skills, courage and calmness and a touch of madness. In the summer of 2019, he decided to put his plan into action: To set the world record for the longest jump on an MTB from a ski ramp. A few years earlier he had already jumped 50 metres from a smaller ramp, so he had to go much further from a larger jump. With his team he started the daring mission and extended the jump of the 135m ramp in Klingenthal to create the ideal jump for the bike.

"Those were the five hardest days of my life! Since we started the project, I have been scared to death. Every day," reports Fischi, who had to overcome his fear of heights for the record attempt. But the record jump ended in the third attempt with a horror crash - luckily with a happy ending. With over 100km/h he bombed over the handlebars during the landing and got away with burns and the shock of his life. Please do not imitate!

Now that the last screws are out of his foot and the ankle injury has healed completely, he wants to mix up the racing series of the world again with R Raymon in 2020. Right at the beginning of the year, the most famous City Downhill classic - the Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo in Chile - is on the agenda, where he finished third in 2019, despite a heavy fall in training. The clear goal for 2020 is: victory!

In the R Raymon jersey, the multiple German champion in Four Cross and Downhill will also competes in selected European and World Cup races. "After the long injury break & many ups and downs I now feel really good on the bike again. Now it's training, practice, training and then full speed into the new season," explains Fischi.

Guys, prepare yourselves for a good portion of Fischi in 2020: Rapid, courageous, reckless and ingenious - nothing for the faint hearted!